Traning Workshop 2019
APMMN Philippines 2018
2017 ICMGP
APMMN Taiwan 2017
APMMN Thailand 2016
Mercury Monitoring Workshop 2016
APMMN Japan 2015
APMMN Vietnam 2014
APMMN Washington DC 2013
2012 Atmospheric Mercury Monitoring Workshop

「Monitoring Mercury in Air and Rainwater 」

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The Asia Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network (APMMN) is a cooperative effort to systematically monitor mercury in air and rainwater throughout the ASIA-Pacific Region. The network involves many different groups, including environmental ministries and federal government agencies, academic institutions, and scientific research and monitoring organizations.


  • Determine the status and trends in: concentrations of ambient air mercury species - Gaseous Oxidized Mercury (GOM), Particulate bound mercury (PBM2.5), Elemental mercury (GEM); and wet, dry and total atmospheric deposition of mercury.
  • Assist partners in developing their mercury monitoring and assessment capacity by providing training on multi-media (e.g., air, precipitation, water, sediment, biota) sampling and analytical methods, and best practices.
  • Provide a robust dataset for regional and global model input.
  • Share data and monitoring infromation among network partners.